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Reduced Shipping Costs

  • We work hard to make sure you save money on shipping, optimizing our services and providing additional benefits to maximize your return. Our proximity to major parcel carrier distribution centers means an easier, cheaper trip for your products; many of our clients ship to retail customers through freight collect. On top of excellent shipping rates, we offer administrative services well above what you’ll find from the carriers, such as auditing and bill consolidation.

    Because of our high volume, all major carriers are highly responsive, exceptionally reliable, and provide quality service. That same volume enables us to discount parcels up to 25% or even 50% for shipping, depending on the size and requirements of the shipment.Our relationships with our carriers exist at the executive level, not as customers of theirs, so we are able to contact higher-ups and immediately resolve any issues.

    We actively reduce shipping costs without reducing the level of service, and we expect our carriers to do the same. You’ll get the care you want at a price you can afford.

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