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Pick, Pack & Ship

  • We use a highly refined system to track our inventory, ensuring that we can always pick and pack exactly what our clients need. A tracking barcode is applied to every item that enters our facility, which is scanned each time any activity happens: whenever the case or pallet is received, moved, or picked. This way, we know exactly what we have and where it’s located.

    Not only can we properly pick out your precise request, we can also collaborate with you for individualized packaging that reflects your brand. Whether you need a batch order with your uniquely designed packing slip or handmade cases with product-specific capacities, we’ve got you covered. We’ve shipped everything from guitars to solar panels to health and beauty items, so we have the know-how to get products to the end customer in a safe, budget-friendly manner.

    For over a decade, we’ve taken a green approach to fulfillment. We ship in new recycled corrugated boxes, filling them with crumpled craft paper, air bags, and other recycled products. We’re always working to improve our processes, for the benefit of our clients and our planet.

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