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Order Fulfillment

  • Fulfilling orders is the heart of what we do. Order fulfillment covers everything from storage to shipment preparation to technological support, and we handle it all. Whether you need a simple order filled or you’re in over your head with complex integration, we can relieve you of any and all of the headaches associated with fulfilling orders.

    Straightforward fulfillment often involves nothing more than putting items in a box with a packing slip and protective material and adhering a shipping label, but repeating this action hundreds or thousands of times per day can drain your time and resources. By outsourcing it to us, you can focus on your products and your customers instead of making sure each piece is carefully packed, over and over.

    Order fulfillment for retailers or other big recipients is a more complicated task, usually involving application integration or integrating with EDI. We are already set up to work with over 100 major retailers, and have built a database to handle the requirements for each. You won’t have a moment of stress once you turn your order fulfillment over to us.

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